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I am Seth Alexander the founder of Wealth by Choice where you will get a no bullshit system to set yourself up to generate wealth. This is not a way to make money or get rich. This is a system that I have used, replicated, and know works. If you do everything I tell you to then you will be well on the way to creating wealth.

One BIG thing you must know, Wealth takes WORK. I’ll repeat that, Wealth takes WORK. If you don’t do the work don’t come back here bitching or blaming me about how you’re finances are not where you want them to be. Do the work, let the system do it’s thing, maintain it when needed, and watch it work.

For full disclosure I do link to products and services with affiliate links sometimes. These are products and services I already use and have affiliate programs. I use affiliate links because they’re offered. I do not choose products and services because they have affiliate programs. Most of the time you get an extra bonus by using the affiliate link so it’s actually to your advantage to use my links.

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